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“Auxx fills a nice space between being experimental and accessible. His songs are never dissonant or challenging to listen to, but they are off center enough to not just become background music. There is nothing too noisy to throw you out of your groove, but as ephemeral as the music is, there is still a definite form.There are a lot of artists making this kind of glitchy downtempo instrumental hip-hop, and the way Auxx layers sounds and contrasts styles makes "Harmonics Contrast" stand out. If you are in the mood for something to soothe your weary soul, Auxx has you covered.” 7.5/10
~~ Patrick Taylor |

"If you keep tabs on the instrumental hip hop scene, particularly in the UK, you’ll probably know a young producer named Louis Sterling aka Auxx. The 17-year old recently signed with Canadian label Urbnet Communications and at the end of the March, he dropped his debut release with them. From the get go, Harmonics Contrast displays Auxx’s penchant for multi-layered soundscapes and sensual music. To hear such sophisticated musicianship from a young artist is brilliant and shows more potential for the future. Standout tracks include the eerie gear-switching Harmonics and up tempo number Landscape."

"Just over a year ago we featured young UK beatsmith Auxx, who, then only 16, was producing some tight, heavy off-beat electronic music that had oozed coolly with a rough n ready psychedelic aesthetic that belied his age as a producer. Moving forward a year we’re not surprised to see that Auxx – aka Louis Sterling – has made serious headway with his productions; not only has he continued to make a number of stylistic, heavy-lidded beats in that time, he’s also about to drop his first full debut record on Toronto-based label, URBNET, which already boasts an impressive roster of artists.

The meeting of hip-hop, instrumental and beat-inspired music is what Auxx excels at exploring. This 11 track LP – Harmonics Contrast – is the makings of a producer with a clearly eclectic palette of sounds, and he effortlessly collates a myriad of these influences together for a really impressive display of subversive and interesting electronic music, underlined by clever programming and stylistic sampling techniques. One of the tracks available for preview is Harmonics, which provides an attractive snapshot into the albums composition; a hypnotic beat, building chords and off-kilter glitches weave together intricately, building into a sonically-fused head-nodding melody.
~~ Pierce, Mar.31, 2015 | |

Introducing : Auxx
"When you think of “beat” music the immediate connotations that spring to mind include L.A, Flying Lotus, Dabrye, Brainfeeder, HW&W, J Dilla etc etc. – anything associated with the US, basically. So when Louis Sterling aka Auxx got in contact with us, we were pleasantly surprised to hear a UK artist with such a heavy US theme run through his music – something highlighted by his off-beat and experimental tracks – and something immediately brought home by his work with his LA counterparts. I think we were more surprised that Sterling is producing the kind of music he is at his age...."
~~ Pierce, Feb.3, 2014 |

“With a musically inclined family – his dad being a producer and his granddad a singer – Sterling has been exposed to a wide variety of musical genres. His tastes and output have been well-shaped by his upbringing, and while possessing a clear affiliation towards hip hop (specifically reference to Dilla), it’s more the beat scene, soul, classical and jazz music that have had the most impact on his work.”
~~ Potholes Music

Other Quotes//Feedback
“Raw” ~~ Elaquent (Huh What and Where)
“Heads nodding, the drums are sick! Locked in. Sounding juicy” Handbook York (Rootnote)
“Real creative.” ~~ Warren Xcellence
“Liquid. Absolute banger’ ~~ Arkist

"Louis Sterling, otherwise known as Auxx (Pronounced Aukes), is an electronic & Experimental producer hailing from Bath, United Kingdom. Having an interest in music production and electronic music from an early age, the style that he has developed lives up to his name, inspired through Auxiliary sends of a mixing desk, with his works being heavily influenced through modern day production styles and techniques, including the various buzzing SP-404 effects, unique synth sounds and off-kilter drum patterns which he demonstrates through his sounds.

Up until late 2012, to 2015, Sterling had been collaborating with artists over in the United States on singles and smaller projects, until he finally released his debut project “Pixelated (Glitches) EP”, of which received positive feedback from the beat scene cats, blogs and labels - including Potholes music, Collective Resonance, The Soul Dojo and Mellow Orange. Not long after the EP was released, he later teamed up taiwan’s Conehead (昱升曾) to produce ‘SinknRise’, later followed by his most recognised single release ‘Icicle’, which was released on ‘The Soul Dojo’ records. This helped him to continue networking with artists from all different corners of the globe, giving him the opportunity to work with popular beat scene producers including Tawrence (TSD), German-based producer Jusoul (Goodbois collective) and RU of the world famous jabbawockeez. As a young producer arising through a scene that’s not so popular in the UK, he's been trying to bring the Low End Theory and LA beat scene influences over to the country, and though the response of others, this has most definitely headed the right direction; being described by the popular “Micasa” blog site to be “Quite refreshingly, pushing the UK beat scene.”

To this date, he has had great response from record labels such as URBNET (Canada), Plug research and Ninja Tune."


released March 31, 2015



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Auxx is an experimental and multi-genre electronic producer, sound designer and DJ from Bath, United Kingdom.

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